Leg veins treatment

no needles! no pain! dramatic results within minutes! 

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Laser hair removal

Hair removal using intense pulse light permanent, painless, safe and effectiv

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Photo rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your skin…look younger and beautiful… reduce signs of a

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Unwanted hair

Unwanted hair is a problem shared by both women and men. in many cases the condi

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  • I was recommended by my family doctor to Laser Cosmetics Clinic for severe acne and rosacea and nail fungus. I suffered from these problems for more than ten years. I was on antibiotics for many years and nothing worked. Indira suggested 8 IPL treatments for my skin and after 4 treatments I noticed about 65% improvements. After 8 treatments on my face and 10 treatments on my toe nails my skin and nails are perfect. I am thankful to my doctor. I would highly recommend Indira helping me to solve my problem.

  • So far about 4 months into treatment I am pleased. While it is a timely process I have seen a significant change in the condition of my skin when applying makeup (I don't need to use it as often and skin feels silky smooth and youthful already). My spider veins (legs) are improving as well. While Dr. Indira may run a little late at times, I believe she has good intentions to serving her clientele in the vastness of the Greater Toronto Area we are in. As one who has had expensive and painful facial peels at other clinics requiring 10 days without doing business and saline injections for spider veins (painful, I find her method very valuable in that I go to treatment looking forward to it and not fearing the next round of pain. I would highly recommend her services.

  • I came to the Laser Cosmetic Clinic for a free consultation for cellulite, stretch marks and sagging on my stomach area. I was recommended Endermologie treatment. Only after 10 sessions l was very pleased with the results. I continued with my session and noticed a huge difference on my stomach. The skin was tighter and the fat on my sides had gone down by 2 inches. The cellulite that I had on my inner thighs had gone down significantly as well as my stretch marks that had been one of my main concerns. I would most definitely recommend this treatment to other people. At first, I was skeptical but after one session out of five, I saw an improvement of my skin! I don't wear so much makeup anymore, Skin tightening laser worked for me and I even got some tips from her how to take care of my skin, Of course, she sells creams, it's up to you if you buy.