Birthmarks are areas of discolored skin that are present at birth. Many skin markings, such as freckles, are not actually present at birth, but appear later on your body.

Birthmarks range in hue from light pink to blue black on people with light skin. On people with dark skin, birthmarks may exist but not show, since the pigment in the top layer of skin effectively hides the color of birthmarks below the skin. The two most common varieties of birthmarks are hemangiomas (malformations of blood vessels) and moles.

Birthmarks may appear alone or in a group on any part of the body. Hemangiomas include strawberry marks, port-wine stains, and salmon patches. Strawberry marks are raised purple-red blemishes that can be very small or up to several inches in diameter; most disappear by age 10.

Port-wine stains are purple, raised, and persist throughout adulthood; they can grow to be quite large over time. Salmon patches, also called stork bites, are small, flat patches of pink-red marks located primarily near the eyes and nape of the neck. Moles that you are born with are usually brown or blue.

Birthmarks need to be removed only if they are bothersome or unsightly to you. A variety of methods are available, depending on the size and location. Plastic surgery may be required to remove birthmarks. Laser treatments are effective in fading port-wine stains. Special cosmetics are available to conceal flat birthmarks. 

During the consultation session, we will be able to determine the best option for you.