Unsightly Leg or Facial Veins

Unsightly leg or facial veins, also known as spider veins or telangiectasias, are tiny blue, red, or purple veins that often congregate on the thighs, ankles, and calves. Spider veins can be caused by pregnancy, weight gain, and some medicines; they can be treated in one of two ways. Sclerotherapy or Laser. Larger, usually purple, blood vessels may respond better to sclerotherapy.

Several types of lasers can be used, but all produce laser light that is absorbed by hemoglobin in blood cells. The resulting heat coagulates blood, damaging the blood vessel wall and sealing the vessels, which subsequently disintegrate and are absorbed by the body. The laser’s pulse feels like the snap of a rubber band; anesthesia is usually not necessary when the treatment area is small. The treated area turns purple after the procedure and will remain so for 10 to 14 days. Then it will change to pink or brown before returning to normal within a few weeks. Discoloration of the skin is common and can persist up to a year. 

More details are available in the Leg Veins Treatment section on this website.

At the consultation session we will be able to advice you if it is the right procedure for your veins.