Quit Smoking



 The dangers of smoking can't be emphasized enough. There are compelling reasons to quit using tobacco or help a loved one stop smoking.  You will experience health benefits, financial benefits and look and feel better!
´┐╝If you want to stop smoking we can help as our treatment helps to 'stop the craving or desire to smoke', so you find it much easier to stop smoking and become smoke-free.


Some people have switched to vaping but e-cigarettes are equally dangerous. Scientists  have spotted two new carcinogens in the vapour. It is said that devices get 'more toxic with every puff'.




 Most smokers get a feeling or a craving for a cigarette, once the craving  (which most smokers get through taste or a feeling in the chest or stomach) has gone, it is much easier to break the habit and stop smoking. Without the desire to quit, any method that is used is likely to be doomed from the start. It is vital that one desires to quit this dangerous habit.

The treatment for smoking at our clinic works quickly by using specific phase signals (frequency) to  neutralise and detox the effects of nicotine. We use the healing power of light to stimulate strategic centers of your body. This releases the natural chemicals in your body that are released when you smoke. You can gain the satisfying feeling that you get while smoking, but without ever lighting up! 

Our clinic is committed to helping you achieve your goal to quit smoking. We have trained and certified technicians in application and laser safety, and who participate in continuing education. We will support , encourage and help you in improving the quality of your life.